Free Quality Features
for Local Newspapers

We match content creators (who usually have a significant online presence) with print publishers who need high-quality content.

How Are They Possibly Free?

For Publishers

We know editors have pages to fill every issue, and newspaper budgets are continually squeezed — especially local papers, which are often price-locked out of quality feature material. This is a great solution to bring you proven feature material. The only “cost” involved is a requirement to publish the credit material at the end of each feature used — typically, the Creator’s micro-bio and web site URL.

Please browse through the Feature offerings (listed in the sidebar) to see what we have available — and check back later for more! We’re just barely getting going, and expect many more Features to be offered in the coming weeks as we finish agreements with the applying Creators.

For Creators

Savvy creators know that having their material in front of a wider audience helps them. We require Publishers to include the Creator’s web site URL with their feature: that’s of value to Creators since readers who see the URL can go to the Creator’s site for more information, more material, or to buy (e.g., books or paid subscriptions). To be completely clear and up-front, there is one catch for Creators: see below.

For All

It’s a win-win for both sides of the equation.

Obviously, there is no requirement for a creator to allow all of his or her work to be published through Free Syndication — only what’s posted by them here. And Publishers have no requirement to publish all a Creator’s work posted here — they run the selections they want. Very simple.

The Catch? We do charge an application fee to Creators — $100 — to help pay for marketing to get this concept in front of Publishers so all Creators can benefit from distribution. Since we’re committed to not charging Publishers, that budget has to come from somewhere. Up to 10% of the budget will also be used to make other Creators aware of this distribution option. The fee also helps ensure Creators are serious professionals who understand they’ll benefit from this arrangement.

Click the appropriate selection on the menu at the top to apply.