Is It Safe to Let Your Browser Remember Passwords?

The risk that’s often overlooked by Leo A. Notenboom (Image credit: your browser remember passwords is a convenient feature. With that convenience comes risk — often significant risk. Most folks are much better served by using a password vault. I’ll explain why. If I consider my computer to be physically secure, am I reasonably … Read more

How to Get File Explorer to Display Details by Default

Applies to Windows: 10, 8 Plus the one setting you MUST change for security by Leo A. Notenboom (Image: Windows File Explorer defaults to a simple view of files on your machine that is not secure. Changes these settings as soon as you can. File Explorer (previously known as Windows Explorer in Windows versions … Read more

The Biggest Risk to Your Privacy Revealed

It’s probably not who, or what, you think by Leo A. Notenboom We worry a lot about privacy, but our concerns are often misplaced. Fortunately, the biggest risk to our personal privacy is right under our nose. I’ve written several articles discussing various aspects of technological risk to privacy. The computers we use, the systems … Read more

How Two-Factor Authentication Works

You Should Use It to Keep Hackers Out by Leo A. Notenboom Two-factor authentication is a great way to keep your accounts secure from hackers — even those who manage to get your password. We rely on passwords to protect our online security. At the same time, hackers seem to be getting better at figuring … Read more

Can I Stop Others from Forwarding Messages?

Is there any way I can keep from letting people forward emails or other messages I have sent them onto others? No. And it’s even worse than that — much worse. There is no technology that can prevent someone from forwarding or copying a message you’ve sent them. Worse yet, in most cases, it’s also … Read more

Why Are There So Many Internet Jerks?

You’re full of crap. That didn’t work. This was a comment on my Facebook fan page in response to a tip I’d posted. Apparently, the feature I was discussing either hadn’t yet been made available in the commenter’s account, or they couldn’t find it. Apparently, I was at fault for trying to be helpful. Now, … Read more

What Backup Program Should I Use?

Backing up is kind of like eating healthier: everyone knows we should, and few of us actually do. Much like the heart attack victim who no longer binges on french fries, when it comes to backing up, the most religious are those who’ve been bitten hard by a failure in their past. Asking what backup … Read more