Creators: How it Works

  • Exclusivity: You are welcome to use any other such service at the same time you are on Free Syndication. If your feature is substantially similar to one that’s already offered here, ask first via the contact page whether you can apply as we don’t allow feature competition here. For instance, we already have Nonogram and Sudoko features, and would not accept other Nonogram or Sudoko features.
  • Once ready, apply on the Creator Page and pay your application fee. Once accepted, you must supply details about your Feature for an informational page, which is linked in the sidebar so Publishers can choose among what’s available. (See any of the live links for examples to follow.)
  • Once launched, you will supply your feature in one of two ways:
    • Option 1: You log in here, create a “post” in your Feature area, and paste in your content. In the case of graphic content (cartoons, puzzles, etc.), you will provide links to that content on your site for Publishers to download. You can set the date/time that the content will publish in your password-protected area for distribution to Publishers, which means you can set up your content long in advance if desired, and it will only become available for syndication at the time you choose. Yes: you can set it to appear after it appears on your own web site (or newsletter).
    • Option 2 — requires tech skills: You can set up a “secret” RSS feed and provide us with the feed address, and then you publish your content direct from your site, also on the schedule you choose, and then it is automatically picked up by this site (can take an hour or two), and it is then auto-published in your Feature’s password-protected area.
  • Once a content post is published with your Feature, this site will automatically email it to Publishers who have signed up to receive it. In case of any problem with the email, the Publishers will have the ability to log in here and go to your page(s) to retrieve any content they need. (Publishers also have the option to not get the content by email, so they would have to manually log in to retrieve it).
  • You will provide us with an auto-expiration time span: your content will automatically disappear from this site at that time. For instance, you specify your content should expire after 4 weeks (which is the default!) About 4 weeks from your post date/time, that day’s/week’s installment will auto-delete, and it cannot be retrieved even by Publishers with login info. This not only allows you to have control over the what and when your content is published, but allows us to keep the site’s pages lean and tight to keep the site fast for Publishers.
  • We will let you know what publications have signed up to carry your Feature so that if you wish, you can contact them from time to time to request tear-sheets (copies of your work “torn” from their printed pages).
  • Editors/Publishers and Creators do get each other’s contact information.
  • During this time, we will use the proceeds of your Application Fee to market this service to Publishers and other Creators (up to 10%).


  • Do Creators have to make all of their content available to Free Syndication? No! Only what you choose, but you do have to provide content regularly — every day or week is best.
  • I have my own newsletter. Can I give my direct readers the first look? Absolutely! As long as your feature isn’t particularly time-sensitive, you can re-use old content, or delay Free Syndication use for a week, month, or whatever. You can also publish it on your own web site as you wish: the whole idea here is to get interested readers to your site to find more of your content.
  • I’d like to offer two Features. Is there an Application Fee discount? No. The whole idea of the fee is to provide a budget for us to market to Publishers to get Creators’ work in print. Each Feature must pull its own weight in that regard.
  • What should I do if a publication does not abide by the agreement? You should contact us immediately, clearly outlining how they are outside the agreement. You and we both have the right to terminate a publisher’s access to your feature(s).
  • What do you mean when you say we must provide links to our own web sites for graphical content? Whether such graphical content is “public” (visible on your site) or not, it must reside there rather than on our servers. You do this by providing the URL to the graphic. For instance, your submission for the day or week might be as simple as:

Title: An Important Lesson. <a href=””>

The Publisher may see the actual graphic in his/her email program (depending on how it’s set up), or may need to click on that to see it and grab a copy. Note that graphic resides on the Creator’s site (and is the graphic from this page on that site — the link in the example points to the graphic, not the post or entry or page on that site!), and is not uploaded to this site.

If this doesn’t make immediate and clear sense to you, consult with your favorite tech consultant and discuss it with him/her, with reference to this page.

  • When can I delete such “non-public” graphics? If you don’t want such graphics on your server permanently, you can delete them after the expiration date you specify. And no we can’t delete it for you: it’s your site, not ours!
  • How do I terminate this arrangement? How much notice must I give? We each have the right to terminate our agreement at any time. We will probably provide 30 days of notice to you, but you can terminate at any time: we just ask that you do give us notice, rather than just stop providing content. (We reserve the right to immediately terminate Features if you stop providing content.)

RSS Feed Instructions

RSS feed tutorial goes in this space. TBD!