Creator Inquiry

You might have a great following online, but would you like a bigger audience?

You can get just that in local newspapers, which need high-quality content. Yet you have complete control over what content is available: you put it on this site, it’s available. You don’t put it here, it can’t be used — simple as that.

We don’t take just any creator: you need to have a track record of creating a quality feature over time. That is, you must be proven talent that shows you can put out material on a regular basis: publications will be depending on you.

In exchange, the publisher must include the attribution footer as you specify with your content. We suggest that you provide a mini-bio (“Joe Blow is a cartoonist from Chicago”) and include the URL for your feature’s web site, which will help bring more visitors to your site.

The features are sent to the publishers by email, and/or they can log in on the site to pick up material should there be an email problem.

The “Rules”

Only the actual creator may apply, and you must have retained all rights to your work — and not be under contract with another syndication agency. Creative work must not be farmed out to others. You agree you’re assigning non-exclusive rights to us to host your material and distribute it to participating publishers.

To post your content, you can set up a custom RSS feed if you know how, which we can scoop up to auto-post for you. Otherwise, you will log in and post your content as far in advance as you wish, and set a date/time for it to publish. You can also set an expiration date for it to automatically be deleted from the site, and/or you may include an “expiration date” (must-be-used-by) in your text. You may also delete past work as you desire.

Graphical illustrations (cartoons, puzzles) should be hosted on your server, and cross-linked from your distribution page; if you don’t know what that means, we’ll help you set that up.

Applying below does not obligate you to provide material. We’ll require a signed (online) letter of agreement before creating a distribution account for you here. Once accepted, you may cancel your participation at any time.

Other than descriptive samples, as seen on existing Contributor pages, your content will not be available to the public via this site — just newspaper personnel who must use a password to access the content (but, again, most will be emailed to them automatically).

See the How it Works page for more about the operational details.

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Application Fee

A submitted application will not be reviewed until you submit a $100 application fee. This fee will be used solely for marketing to promote to newspaper editors and publishers and other Creators (up to 10%). By submitting your application and fee, you agree you meet the requirements set forth on this page, will provide content on the schedule you set, and that the application fee is non-refundable, whether you are accepted as a Creator for or not.

You are not required to have a Paypal account: after clicking the button, you have the option to use a credit/debit card.