Available Features

This is a quick summary of the features available now; more are coming. Click on any feature title for a more complete description and one or more samples.

  • Ask Leo by Leo Notenboom is a consumer-oriented technical support column. Written in language that non-techies can understand, Ask Leo! focuses on practical solutions to common and current problems with technology in general and the Internet, with an affinity for personal computers, Microsoft Windows, and related topics.
  • Randy’s Random by Randy Cassingham is a twice/week graphical meme that can be used similarly to cartoon panels. They always are landscape in orientation — in print they should be run in color, and spread across at least two columns.
  • This is True by Randy Cassingham is a non-partisan “weird news”/news commentary text feature. Its stories are short and stand on their own, so it has this super-flexible advantage: you can run as many stories you have space for without having to run them all. Every story is sourced from a “legitimate, mainstream” news outlet, which is identified. Stories can be from anywhere in the world, but are mostly from the U.S.