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Randy's Random Memes
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Randy's Random Memes
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Randy’s Random by Randy Cassingham is a weekly graphical meme that can be used similarly to cartoon panels. They always are landscape in orientation — in print they should be run in color, and spread across at least two columns.

Online, a meme is a brief mental object usually expressed graphically to express an idea in a fun or thought-provoking way. Randy’s Random is always graphical. The topic? That’s the random part: whatever catches Randy’s eye that he thinks readers will enjoy. They are sometimes date- or event-related (such as Halloween or Labor Day), and sometimes he just goes for the laugh.


  • Each has a title: you can choose to use it, or not.
  • They are typically in color — because they need to be — and are approximately 1200×620 pixels for good high-resolution reproduction. The file type is either .png or .jpg (whichever looks best for the particular piece. See samples below.)


  • They must be used as-is and not edited in any way. You choose which one(s) to use.
  • You may only use memes sent to you by Free Syndication; you may not use any additional memes that appear on the Creator’s web site.
  • The footer included each week must run with any use.
  • Any use of this feature constitutes agreement with these restrictions.


Randy's Random Memes
Title: More Than One Thing to Remember. Date-related. PNG format. Click to see larger.


Randy's Random Memes
Title: My Job Interview at Petco. Pet lover humor. JPG format since it includes a photograph. Click to see larger.


Randy's Random Memes
Title: All or None. Straight humor, PNG format.

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