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As an editor or publisher, you know you have to fill your editorial hole every issue, and newspaper budgets are continually squeezed. We offer quality content from independent creators — for free. The content may only be used in local (or regional) newspapers; it may not be published in any other form, or reprinted once used.

What’s the Catch?

Primarily, you must include the attribution footer as specified by the feature creator in the same font size as the body of the content. That usually includes a mini-bio (“Joe Blow is a cartoonist from Chicago”) and the URL specified — the creator’s web site. That provides the value to the Creator for the use of their work. If you’re using the material on your own web site, the URL must be an actual link. You may use each item only once — you may not publish them again without prior, written permission from the Creator (e.g., for a year-end “Best Of” roundup).

If you’re using the material in print, you agree to send us tear sheets on request, including your first use. You agree we can use your publication’s logo on this site as an example of a publication using our service.

We encourage feature writers to indicate where material can be cut at the bottom if needed. But if they don’t, it’s an all-or-none affair: you must publish all of it or none of it, per the restrictions set by the Creator.

Editing is allowed only for actual typos or errors; the editorial slant (if any) must remain. You have no obligation to run any feature regularly. Individual creators may have other restrictions you must abide by if you use that feature, but requiring payment is not allowed — the features really are free.

Pretty much, that’s it. Really.

See the How it Works page for more about the operational details.

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