Publishers: How It Works

  • If you have questions after reading this page (and, we hope, the Publisher’s Page), we will confirm you’re a legitimate publication, and then send you instructions on how to proceed.
  • You will also specify the email address where you wish your feature(s) to be sent. The content is automatically emailed to you when the Creator releases it to us. We will also supply you with a login/password where you can come and get the feature material if for any reason the email is not received. We don’t automatically send the feature to the email address on your agreement form, since you may have a features editor or layout person you want to get the material instead.
  • You agree to send a tearsheet of print-published material on request (by us or the creator) at a reasonably frequency (at least quarterly), including the first use.
  • And no, there isn’t any payment required from you: it really is Free Syndication.


  • Do Publishers have to run all of the content provided by Free Syndication? No! Only what you choose that fits your editorial hole or slant.
  • Do we really have to run the Features unedited and/or uncut? Yes, unless the Creator specifically allows it, except for obvious typos.
  • What’s the limit of the number of Features I can choose? All of them. We just can’t provide more than we have. 🙂
  • What should I do if the Creator contacts us directly with demands for change? Assuming you have not violated your agreement, please forward any such communications to us immediately. If you have violated your agreement, you should apologize and come into compliance immediately.
  • How do I terminate this arrangement? How much notice must I give? We each have the right to terminate our agreement at any time. We will probably provide 30 days of notice to you, but you can terminate at any time: we just ask that you do give us notice, rather than just stop publishing content. (We reserve the right to immediately terminate Features if you stop running our content.)