Sudoku header. OK for editorial use. Click for larger version.

CleverMedia makes mobile, web and print games.

Specializing in puzzles, CleverMedia provides daily Sudoku puzzles for Free Syndication.




  • Each week CleverMedia provides seven Sudoku puzzles for you to use in your publication.
    Each puzzle is a single PNG file with both the blank puzzle for the user to fill out, and the solution.
  • You can download each puzzle as individual PNG files, or grab the compressed ZIP file with all 7 for the week.
  • The puzzles cycle through easy, medium and hard difficulty, so each week you will have at least 2 of each.


  • Puzzles may be run only once — and must be published within the time span shown. It may never be used again without prior written permission from the Creator.
  • You may only use puzzles sent to you by Free Syndication, and you may not use any additional puzzles that might appear on the CleverMedia web site.
  • You can extract the puzzle and solution and use it in any layout you see fit, including removing the top date header and/or instructions, as long as the URL remains with the puzzle.
  • It is not required that you use the logo header shown here, but it is provided if needed for your format.
  • Any use of this feature constitutes agreement with these restrictions.